Status Name Notes
  Check Check controls Check controls for free and correct movement
  Check Check rudder Check rudder (move stick side-to-side) teleflex cable integrity and connecting hardware.
    Check elevator Check elevator (fore and aft with stick) and connecting hardware.
  Check Seat, lever throttle, mount assembly Check integrity of seat, lever throttle, seat mount assembly and attach point hardware.
    Landing gear Check forward integrity of landing gear-nose struts, foot bar, tension struts and connecting hardware.
    Triangle bar tubes Check integrity of triangle bar tubes and attach points including lower wing wire connections.
    Wing and root tube Walk under wing and check root tube integrity. Check all root tube bolts for security including kingpost attachment and height adjustment.
    Fuel lines, pump and filter Check all fuel lines, the fuel pump and filter, and carburetor mount for integrity. Check the fuel tank cross over and if it contains impurities, drain until contamination is gone. Remember, water in the gas can cause engine failure!
    Pull starter Check pull starter and all engine components for obvious problems. Check spark plug caps, all mounting bolts and hardware for security.
    Spoiler control arm, bungee, control line Check spoiler control arm, bungee return, and control line.
    Compression struts Check integrity of compression struts and connectinq hardware.
    Tire inflation, wheel pants Check left and right main tire inflation and integrity of wheel pants.
    Reduction unit, belts, tension Check integrity of reduction unit and condition of belts, belt tracking and tension.
    Propeller condition, prop hub Check propeller condition (switch off) looking for cracks or deep nicks. Check prop hub, mounting bolts, and tip clearance.
    Teleflex cable Check that teleflex cable is attached to lower tail wire.
    Horizontal stabilizer Check horizontal stabilizer spar and hardware integrity.
    Elevator push/pull & safety cable Check integrity of elevator push/pull tube and hardware and security of safety cable.
    Parachute 'recovery system' Buckle your helmet (earplugs are suggested), and connect parachute 'emergency recovery system' to aircraft in secure manner.
    Actuate controls; throttle, stick... Actuate all controls several times making sure you can comfortably reach throttle, control stick, spoiler pedals, pull starter and kill switch.