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  !! Tap On Me !!   2008-07-07 09:51:00 Congratulations on your installation of iDB! (You can slide up this notes field with your thumb, and read more. It is scrollable.) iDB comes with a few sample databases of different types. You are looking at the first sample database, its only record right now. You may just want to scan thru these databases to see how they look like, and then get rid of them. If you go back to 'Console' and tap on 'Help' button at the bottom, there is a brief tutorial on how to use iDB. It would be a good start to get familiar with this Data Manager. iDB is a very powerful and comprehensive Personal Data Manager; it may seem to be just a little too much at the beginning, but you will quickly master it. The best place to find out more about it is at "". You can read all about it; you may ask us questions, drop us feedback, and join the discussion forum there. You may clean up the unwanted records while keeping these databases and start using them right away. However feel free to remove all databases in their entirety. You can always re-create any database type later on; as many as you want... Please go back to the "Console" (the first screen after you log in) and tap on "Help" ('question' button at the bottom), you will get a brief tutorial about iDB right here on your iPhone. So you can find out about how to juggle records, databases, db-types, etc. Best of luck.., -iDB Development Team