idbWeb ReadMe Document Version 0.2 - June 2009

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This is an application to provide an web interface to the tables and files from the iPhone/iTouch application called iDB Datamaster. I like the application and it is very handy. But trying to enter any significant amount of information via the iTouch keypad is tough with my fat fingers. In addition, there really isn't any easy way to import information from external sources to the iTouch.

BUT, the application does have a nice feature that lets you download a CSV file from the iTouch, and also upload this file (or one that has been added to) back to the iTouch.

iDbWeb is an application to import the CSV files into a mySql database, provide some basic display and edit capabilities, and then create a new CSV that can be uploaded back to the iTouch.

It does NOT 'sync' the data between the two systems. It is an import/export operation. When you load from the CSV it completely replaces and information currently in the table. When Datamaster loads the CSV to the iTouch, it completely replaces the current information. iDbWeb does allow you to import/export individual Datamaster tables from the CSV that Datamaster creates. When you create a CSV to go back to Datamaster, only the one table is written to the CSV, and Datamaster only replaces the information in that particular table.



Security Note:

Just a reminder that the tables in iDbWeb are not encrypted. And the system does not use HTTPS. So your information goes out in the clear. I have tried to be careful to at least make it 'not easy' to hack things. But use this system at your own risk. It is primarily intended to be a means to get data into Datamaster easier, so it is really designed for a home based web server.

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